Rain (always falling somewhere) (raindrops) wrote in adversaria_lj,
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I know, I'm lagging

I know about the download problems, I'm working on moving it to a more reliable server

Requests for source will be fulfilled as soon as I get my cvs box up and running again, what I've got on my devel box is way too chaotic to release, I need to grab the version that was used for the released binary.
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I can throw the download up on a server or two I have. One is on a fast connection the other is on cable. Shoot me an e-mail at earnson@9over9.com if you want me to host it.
I need a host.

I can give you an ftp account to my web-server if you'd like and have the web-site for it on there along with the actual file/download... :)
if you're interested just email me at jon@papercup.net

the address would be something like www.papercup.net/adversaria or adversaria.papercup.net
whatever floats your boat i guess. :)
i'm new.. not sure if this is something that's been asked.. but where do you download the client from?

thanks for writing the program in the first place. can't wait to download it. I've had this G3 iMac for almost a year now, but didn't really like it until I got 512MB of new RAM which left the mac os and Virtual PC OSs smokin.

my only form of security is using Virtual PC to connect to the net via linux or windows because those are the OSs I have security for. Are there any securiy progs, or even information available, for pre-osx computers?

thanks again for being a computer nerd :D
As soon this problem will be solved? And where I can (if it possibly) take the adversaria_lj now? Thnks :)