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Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone

I am new to Live Journal and new to Macintosh on a bugget.
I am hoping to find some info here on this site to help me with a few problems I am having.
I am using a LC 575 OS 7.6.1 68megs of ram 180meg internal harddrive 2.1 gig external harddrive 100meg zip drive and a 8X burner.

I have found out most of the info i need to make most things on this computer work like the OS and then internet (i am using I Cab as a browser).
What i am really trying to get my hands on is software to make my burner work so i can save as much software as i can.
If any one has any helpful ideas on where to find software that will work i would really love to here about it.
And if anybody has any info on how i can give my Mac more power that would be great.

Thank You for hearing me out
Have a great day
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