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Adversaria - Classic Mac OS LJ client community

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[20 Dec 2005|04:11pm]

Hey ya'll, I'm a windows user who really needs to get his hands on a copy of Simple Text. I need to record the audio output of Simple Text reading a few lines of dialogue for a few projects of mine, and I cannot find anything for windows that touched the uniqueness and recognizability of the Simple Text mechanical voice. Can anyone tell me where I could get Simple Text? my email is pressstarttobegin@yahoo.com. Thanks!
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good afternoooooon... [06 Feb 2005|05:29pm]

hey everyone, just found you guys five minutes ago and thought "fantastic! a classic OS community!" (paraphrased)..

in any case.. i thought maybe you guys could help me out... i've been wanting to re-start-up my old mac collection and was hoping to get a hold of one of everything apple put out from the apple// and up... well i found this guy who was getting rid of his collection of old macs and he said i could have them all for free under the condition that i take them all... so now i have... 150? 200? more macintoshes than i know what to do with... boy do i feel like an ass :)

any suggestions?

portland, or
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Please Help! [22 Dec 2004|09:39pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]


I'm having trouble using a wireless Keyboard/Mouse when I start up using a
utilities disc (Norton). I have all of the updates (i think) but I'm still lost.
Do I have to use a usb keyboard/mouse?

Thank You.

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Hello Everyone [04 Dec 2003|07:42pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello Everyone

I am new to Live Journal and new to Macintosh on a bugget.
I am hoping to find some info here on this site to help me with a few problems I am having.
I am using a LC 575 OS 7.6.1 68megs of ram 180meg internal harddrive 2.1 gig external harddrive 100meg zip drive and a 8X burner.

I have found out most of the info i need to make most things on this computer work like the OS and then internet (i am using I Cab as a browser).
What i am really trying to get my hands on is software to make my burner work so i can save as much software as i can.
If any one has any helpful ideas on where to find software that will work i would really love to here about it.
And if anybody has any info on how i can give my Mac more power that would be great.

Thank You for hearing me out
Have a great day

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I know, I'm lagging [30 Jul 2002|01:33am]

[ mood | geeky ]

I know about the download problems, I'm working on moving it to a more reliable server

Requests for source will be fulfilled as soon as I get my cvs box up and running again, what I've got on my devel box is way too chaotic to release, I need to grab the version that was used for the released binary.

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yes, I know, it's been forever... apparently I have a life that I didn't know about [24 Jun 2002|03:09pm]

[ mood | awake ]

I have been working some on this, but life conspires against me as usual...

I'm going to work on cleaning up what I've got and putting it out on sourceforge for anyone who wants to add to it...

the editor is still in vestigial stage and too fugly to put out even as alpha yet, but there will be a maintenance release soon with a couple of new features

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Adversaria LJ client - Status Update [28 Apr 2002|12:52am]

[ mood | hungry ]

Been busy lately looking for work, finally getting work, and cleaning up my personal library toolbox I'll be needing for work.

An update for the CheckFriends module will be posted soon, mostly minor changes, some UI tweaks and the like. Support for multiple usernames + Keychain integration should make it in as well.

The editor is coming along, albeit slowly at the moment. I'm using the WASTE text engine to get UTF-8 support and all the other niceties it has over standard TextEdit. That's all for now.

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new Classic Mac OS LJ client - first public beta release [18 Apr 2002|09:13pm]

First public beta release of Mac-Adversaria CheckFriends module.

Adversaria is another LJ client for the Classic Mac OS; at present, only the CheckFriends module is available. Phoenix, though an awesome client, doesn't do the checkfriends mode, so I wrote this little thingie to avoid hitting reload in my browser every time I want to see if my friends have updated.

Download Site

What is this thing? It uses the checkfriends mode at user-specified intervals (from 90 seconds up to 9999 hours) to see if your friends have updated their journals. When new updates are detected, will launch your browser and load your friends page (if you ask it really nicely). Also provides a menu with direct links to each of your individual friends' journals (up to 128 in the current version) and links to your friends page, your own journal, and the LJ status page.

This beta version is a binary only release, but source code is available on request; the final release version will be under a BSD style licence with source - see the ReadMe for details. Mac OS 7.5.x to 9.x, PowerPC (see ReadMe for full system requirements, it's pretty lightweight but there's no 68K version at this time, and it's not fully Carbonized at this point).

Feedback, questions, observations, comments, bug reports, flames, adoration, cashiers' cheques and cute girls' phone numbers are all welcomed and appreciated.
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